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with Keren and Page

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Take your stance!

Everyone’s picking sides, 
so we’re taking a stand.

The Power Stance Podcast was created to foster conversations instead of battles. Through chats on the obvious (dating, career choices, should Real Housewives be banned) to the taboo (political differences, gender roles, is sneaking chicken wings in the movie theater OK), we will build a community that listens and learns from all sides of the table. You can stand up for yourself and what you value without needing to cower or crush.

Join the Power Stance community as we stop taking sides and learn how to take a stand!

Meet Your Hosts


CPA by day, creative by night. Queen of the sparkly roller blades. Champion finder of the silver lining and the fluffy dogs. Accountant by trade, creative by nature. I bring excellence, humor, and compassion into every work environment, and desire to see those above, below, or alongside me enjoy the ride.


Former web developer turned content creator. Currently a vagabond just following the path where it leads. Words are my thing. I'm all about using words to build others up or start much-needed change. I firmly believe laughter is the best way to make a connection. Oh, and once in a while, I try a new recipe.

I'm new here! Where do I start?

Welcome, friend!

Get to know what we're all about in our first episode, The Story Behind the Stance. Our origin story, where the name of the podcast comes from, it's all in there.


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